The International Society for Molecular and Cell Biology and Biotechnology Protocols and Researches or the ISMCBBPR is now open for membership. It has been the history of this scientific organization to hold international scientific programmes, invite keynote speakers as well as identify the Molecule(s) of the Year since the year 2002. As an independent scientific organization founded in the year 2000, we are looking for country/ regional representatives as well as individuals worldwide to join this exciting organization and share their scientific achievements in the form of current scientific researches and/or new protocols to member colleagues and potential graduate students. We plan to invite current protocol providers to be a part of our international organization so as to guide us on the recent methodologies as well as give us access to the new procedures. In our future conferences, there will be sessions on new protocols where we will be not only give lectures but also have free hands-on methods sessions. Sabbatical Lectureships are also encouraged.


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