Membership to ISMCBBPR is open worldwide to all individuals in the disciplines of Molecular and Cellular Biology as well as Biotechnology.  Applicants may be scientists or those in training to become scientists.  This includes interested undergraduate students, grad students, post-graduate working professionals, as well as standard professional classifications including medical doctors, post-docs, professors, and department chairs.

When applying, please send a current CV and list of publications.  Additionally feel free to send any information including letters of recommendations, proofs of participation in extracurricular and curricular activities in molecular and cell biology or biotechnology that you feel would help us to understand you better both individually and as a scientist. All applications will be treated with utmost confidence.

To apply, please send an e-mail to  with your CV and other supporting materials. Also please send a letter to this email address to verify anybody's alleged claim for ISMCBBPR membership.

10 May, 2008 - We welcome two new graduate student members from India to ISMCBBPR.

19 Dec, 2008 - We welcome another member from Kuwait to the organization.

11 Dec, 2008 - ISMCBBPR welcomes a new member from UC Davis. He is a Staff Research Associate in Molecular and Cellular Bology.

Nov, 2008 - Addition to our worldwide core of membership is a Molecular Biologist   representing the country of Kuwait and a Post Doc from a University in Kentucky.


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