ISMCBBPR announces the

Molecule of the Year 2012


for excellent affirmation* of its role in inflammatory regulation among others. 

Here is the prestigious publication* where this choice as the Molecule of the Year 2012 was based:  Spann NJ, Garmire LX, McDonald JG, Myers DS, Milne SB, Shibata N, Reichart D, Fox JN, Shaked I, Heudobler D, Raetz CR, Wang EW, Kelly SL, Sullards MC, Murphy RC, Merrill AH Jr, Brown HA, Dennis EA, Li AC, Ley K, Tsimikas S, Fahy E, Subramaniam S, Quehenberger O, Russell DW, Glass CK. 2012. Regulated Accumulation of Desmosterol Integrates Macrophage Lipid Metabolism and Inflammatory Responses. Cell 151, 138-152, September 28, 2012. Congratulations to Dr. Christopher K. Glass of Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Department of Medicine, University of California,  San Diego and his Team for winning the Molecule of the Year 2012!

Please read this article on why this molecule was voted as the Molecule of the Year 2012. Congratulations again!!

Molecule of the Year  2012 and the Runners up, the Voters’ statements.

Past Winners



Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7
A Kobayashi, H Okuda, F Xing, PR Pandey, M Watabe, S Hirota, SK Pai, W Liu, K Fukuda, C Chambers, A Wilber and K Watabe. 2011. Bone morphogenetic protein 7 in dormancy and metastasis of prostrate cancer stem- like cells in bone. J Exp. Med. 208(13), 2641-2655.

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Molecule of the Year 2011 in the limelight- from Biotechniques and a lot of Congratulations from us!! ~~ Prof. Isidro T. Savillo- President, ISMCBBPR
June 30, 2012- Announcing the Molecule of the Year 2011. Congratulations!!
~~News Item- Molecule of the Year 2011
~~Our congratulations to Dr. Kounosuke Watabe and his former research team at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine for their exemplary work on BMP7!!


Forkhead Box Protein M1
E Gemenetzidis, D-E Costea, EK Parkinson, A Waseem, H Wan and M-T Teh. Induction of Human Epithelial Stem/Progenitor Expansion by FOXM1. Cancer Res. 70(22), 9515-26.

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The A isoform of FOXM1 suppresses epithelial differentiation whereas in B&C upregulation predisposes cells to tumorigenesis by expanding stem/progenitor cell population. Therefore FOXM1 is a potential target for cancer therapeutics.


Sleeping Beauty Transposase SB 100X
Mátés L, Chuah MK, Belay E, Jerchow B, Manoj N, Acosta-Sanchez A, Grzela DP, Schmitt A, Becker K, Matrai J, Ma L, Samara-Kuko E, Gysemans C, Pryputniewicz D, Miskey C, Fletcher B, Vandendriessche T, Ivics Z, Izsvák Z. Molecular evolution of a novel hyperactive Sleeping Beauty transposase enables robust stable gene transfer in vertebrates. Nat Genet. 2009 Jun 41(6), 753-61

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anti-SAG 421-433 catalytic IgA
Stephanie Planque, Yasuhiro Nishiyama, Hiroaki Taguchi, Maria Salas, Carl Hanson and Sudhir Paul Catalytic antibodies to HIV: Physiological role and potential clinical utility Autoimmunity Reviews 7, 473-479

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Yoshiro Ishimaru, Hitoshi Inada, Momoka Kubota, Hanyi Zhuang, Makoto Tominaga and Hiroaki Matsunami Transient receptor potential family members PKD1L3 and PKD2L1 form a candidate sour taste receptor PNAS 103, 12569-12574


hsa-mir-155 and hsa-let-7a-2. (Primary)
Nozomu Yanaihara, Natasha Caplen, Elise Bowman, Masahiro Seike, Kensuke Kumamoto, Ming Yi, Robert M. Stephens, Aikou Okamoto, Jun Yokota, Ta dao Tanaka, George Adrian Calin, Chang-Gong Liu, Carlo M. Croce and Curtis C. Harris. Unique microRNA molecular profiles in lung cancer diagnosis and prognosis Cancer Cell 9, 189-198

Supporting work
Peggy S. Eis, Wayne Tam, Liping Sun, Amy Chadburn, Zongdong Li, Mario F. Gomez, Elsebet Lund and James E. Dahlberg. Accumulation of miR-155 and BIC RNA in human B cell lymphomas PNAS 102, 3627-3632


Rosa M.F. Cardoso, Michael B. Zwick, Robyn L. Stanfield, Renate Kunert, James M. Binley, Hermann Katinger, Dennis R. Burtonand Ian A. Wilson. Broadly Neutralizing Anti-HIV Antibody 4E10 Recognizes a Helical Conformation of a Highly Conserved Fusion-Associated Motif in gp41 Immunity 22, 163-173


Imidazoleacetic acid-ribotide
George D Prell, Giorgio P Martinelli, Gay R Holstein, Jasenka Matuli?-Adami?, Kyoichi A Watanabe, Susan L F Chan, Noel G Morgan, Musa A Haxhiu, Paul Ernsberger Imidazoleacetic acid-ribotide: an endogenous ligand that stimulates imidazol(in)e receptors. PNAS 101, 13677-13682


Adenovirus GP&NP of the Ebola Vaccine
Nancy J. Sullivan, Thomas W. Geisbert, Joan B. Geisbert, Ling Xu, Zhi-yong Yang, Mario Roederer, Richard A. Koup, Peter B. Jahrling and Gary J. Nabel Accelerated vaccination for Ebola virus haemorrhagic fever in non-human primates Nature 424, 681-684


All-Trans-Retinoic Acid
Sutisak Kitareewan, Ian Pitha-Rowe, David Sekula, Christopher H. Lowrey, Michael J. Nemeth, Todd R. Golub, Sarah J. Freemantle and Ethan Dmitrovsky UBE1L is a retinoid target that triggers PML/RARα degradation and apoptosis in acute promyelocytic leukemia PNAS 99, 3806-3811

More detailed information about the winners of the Molecule of the Year will be added as this page is updated. Please send updates and corrections to the e-mail address indicated at the link on the top of the site.

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Nomination and Voting of and for the Molecule of the Year

ISMCBBPR welcomes nominations for the "Molecule of the Year." Scientific information or an article concerning the molecule must come from a refereed journal and this must be published within the year (previous 12-month period) that the molecule is nominated.

In November or early December, selected ISMCBBPR members will vote for the molecule of their choice. The basis for selection include: a) protocols used in the research undertaking of the molecule or the role of the molecule in the completion of a research protocol, and b) the promising future of the molecule to biology or medicine. The result will be displayed in the ISMCBPR Web Page on the 31st of December or shortly thereafter. In special cases, there may be exceptions to these guidelines.

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