Sept. 22, 2017-  There is a new breakthrough in HIV cure. It attacks 99% of the HIV strains.  Hoping very much that the Human Clinical Trials will be successful which will begin in 2018. 

4/27/2016~~ The Molecule of the Year 2013 and The Molecule of the Year 2014 will soon be facilitated. Nominations and announcement of winners will be declared in the near time. Thanks.

4/5/08/2015~~ Nominated molecules will be finalized for the Molecule of the year 2013. Voting will start by June, 2015. Thanks a lot.

02/15/2015--- Now that there is a large scale testing for the much improvised Ebola vaccine (pls. see below), how about for the Molecule of the Year 2008? Before it's too late for there is a latest report on the new aggressive HIV strain from Cuba, it is hoped that  human clinical trials will be undertaken for this as soon

02/14/2015~~ Update information of the Ebola vaccine by Scientists who did previous studies for the Ebola vaccine which was given the title of the Molecule of the Year 2003 (please see below).

10/19/2014~~ Way back the year 2003- the Adenovirus GP/NP of the Ebola Vaccine was voted as the Molecule of the Year. With the rise of EVD,  this study would give light among others in the making of a successful Ebola vaccine.

  Ref for the Mol. of the Year 2003- Accelerated vaccination for Ebola virus haemorrhagic fever in non-human primates and Development of a preventive vaccine for Ebola virus infection in primates.

March 01, 2014~~ Nominations for Molecule of the Year 2013 are ongoing. Please read the procedure below. Thanks.

February 01, 2014~~ Molecule of the Year 2012 Votes are now being received. The winner and the runners -up will be announced as soon.

January 03, 2014``Nominees for the ISMCBBPR's Molecule of the Year 2012 sent to  Official Voters. Announcement for MOY 2012 will take place most likely first week of February, 2014. 

  September 14, 2012``Call for Nominations for the Molecule of the    Year 2012 and Countries of the Molecule of the Year Winners !!

June 25, 2012~~ Out of the13 nominated molecules/publications for the Molecule of the Year 2011,  Six (6) molecules/publications  are currently chosen by the voters  with their corresponding votes.  They may soon be awarded as the Molecule of the Year 2011 and the 1st and 2nd runners-up.

01/29/2012- ISMCBBPR is stringently looking at the nominated molecules ( thus nominated publications) for Molecule of the Year 2011. Publications are reviewed meticulously per month starting Dec., 2011 down to January, 2011 for endorsement to our voters. Pls. visit the ISMCBBPR once in a while for the announcement for the Molecule of the Year 2011. Thanks a lot. 

4/09/2011- For Universities and Academic and Research Institutions worldwide who are interested in organizing international conventions  in molecular and cell biology and biotechnology, you can invite  ISMCBBPR as a co- sponsor  and the ISMCBBPR members as speakers or guests in your conventions. This  eventually will help put prestige to your conventions especially for the first timers.

2/27/2011- We are now accepting nominations for the Molecule of the Year 2011. Please read below the instructions of how to nominate a molecule for the Molecule of the Year competition.

   News 01/26/2010 - News from Biotechniques Journal Online about the ISMCBBPR and the Molecule of the Year award

NEWS 08/09/2009 (updated October 2009)  ISMCBBPR is delighted to know that there are a lot of visitors from different countries who have visited the ISMCBBPR's various web pages.  Before leaving this news page, we would like to invite you to voluntarily participate in the Molecule of the Year competition. The procedure for nominating a molecule of the year is rather straightforward.  Firstly, you must be a professional molecular and cell biologist or a biotechnologist. Secondly, you must be a professional member of ISMCBBPR or of a chapter or society that is registered with the International Federation of Cell Biology (IFCB) or you are a designated official Voter for the Molecule of the Year.  If you are not yet a member of ISMCBBPR nor any IFCB recognized organization, please see the Membership page.  Thirdly, send a brief synopsis as to what molecule of recent relevance you nominate, as well as a short statement of justification to ISMCBBPR's e-mail addresses.  For this justification, comment on what impact to scientific progress, human health or betterment of society this molecule is likely to have, as well as what paper or research group is primarily responsible for bringing this molecule to public attention within the last year.  This molecule will then be voted upon by eligible members, along with other molecules nominated until a final decision is reached.  Please don't delay. Do it now, as these molecules will be voted on during December. We are always happy to welcome and accommodate you! Prof. Isidro T. Savillo, President, ISMCBBPR

NEWS 12/07/2008 - As it is the primary goal of ISMCBBPR to increase its worlwide roster of membership, there is no membership fee that will be imposed in order for one to become a member. The information that the candidate for membership is a molecular biologist, cellular biologist and/or a biotechnologist is enough to be considered for membership and accepted into our organization.

When applying, please send a current CV and list of publications.  Additionally feel free to send any information including letters of recommendations, proofs of participation in extracurricular and curricular activities in molecular and cell biology and biotechnology that you feel would help us to understand you better both individually and as a scientist. All applications will be treated with utmost confidence.


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