12/28/2009 ~ Congratulations to the top 3 runners-up for the Molecule of the Year!

1. Sarcosine

-Using the global metabolic pathway analysis Sarcosine was found to be an important metabolic intermediary of cancer cell progression. It is a potential biomarker for progression of prostate cancer which can be detected in the urine. This could become the non-invasive method of detection and prognostication of prostate cancer

-a very surprising finding and likely to be highly applicable in prostate cancer screening and an excellent interventional target

2. Human Occludin Protein

-as this protein is essential for HCV entry into cells, it provides a unique therapeutic target for major infectious disease that so far has proven refractory to therapeutic approaches.

-Human Occludin is a tight junction complex protein which plays a major role in entry of Hepatitis C Virus into human cells and confers susceptibility to HCV infection. Mouse cells, on transfection with Occludin, permit entry of HCV in the cells and thus could serve as a model system both in vitro as well as in vivo to study pathogenesis of HCV infection

3. Mina

-represents a significant advancement in our understanding of the development of allergies which are increasing inexplicably particularly in the developed countries

12/02/2009 ~ Congratulations to the 15 nominees for the Molecule of the Year 2009!!!

A Breakdown of Countries of Major Authors and Co-Authors of the 15 nominees/publications for Molecule of the Year  2009 and the number of nominees that each group represent (e.g. For purely Australian Authors- 2 papers were nominated for the Molecule of the Year 2009)

Single Nation Work

1. U.S.A. authors only - 5

2. Australian authors only - 2

3. Greek authors only - 1

Multinational efforts

4. U.S.A. and Netherlands - 1

5. U.S.A.,Germany, Netherlands and Iceland - 1

6. Germany, Belgium, Hungary, U.S.A. - 1

7. U.S.A., Switzerland, Italy and France - 1

8. Canada, Egypt, Scotland and U.S.A. - 1

9. U.S.A. and Spain - 1

10. U.S.A. and Japan - 1


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